A typical example of a 1990s phone, this is one of a series of similar phones which BT marketed under the Relate name. The Relate 1000, introduced in 1994, was the first UK phone to support the new Caller Display service. It was controversial in that it was incompatible with similar Caller Display services being launched by some of the cable companies, which used the US Bellcore CLI standard.

The design is typical of the mid/late 1990s, being available in white only. The body shape features more rounded corners and curved shapes than used on the Vanguard of a few years earlier. Letters have reappeared on the keypad, in this instance to allow the entry of names against received numbers, but there had been a trend to encourage alpha dialling in association with personal and Freephone numbers. This was not helped by there being at least three variants of number/letter combinations in use!